Game Server Support

If you're in a bit of tricky situation on one of our game servers, or need some support with a modpack, please fill out the form bellow.

Before you open a ticket

Before you contact us, please make sure you have fully investigated the issue yourself. Sometimes issues can be solved with a quick Google and don’t need for our staff team to get involved. Also make sure that you have read the FAQ, as fixes for common issues can be found there.

Common Issues

Lost Items

If you have lost items on one of our Minecraft servers, please provide a screenshot of the items you have lost, or a list when making a ticket. We WILL NOT refund items that have been lost as a direct result of you or a know bug.

Report a Player or Staff Member

Please list in-detail what you’re reporting the staff member or player for. We also require that your provide screenshots.

Can’t Connect To A Server

Please make sure that the server you’re trying to connect to is still operated by us. For modded Minecraft servers make sure to remove  any mods you have added yourself and try again before you open a ticket.

Crash Issue

Please read our FAQ before you open a ticket. For modpacks, make sure that you Google your issue and remove any mods you have added before you make a ticket.

Missing Rank or Kit

If your rank or kit is missing on one of our servers, please make sure you provide your receipt from our website with the ticket.

Open a ticket

If you have no luck when looking into the issue yourself. You can contact our staff team by filling out the form bellow.

We try to get back to tickets within 24 hours, but sometimes this can take a bit longer. Also, please check your spam folder if you have heard back from us!

Email *Your Email by which we will get back to you.

Discord Name *If you don’t want us to contact you via email, please fill out your Discord Username and “#” Number

Subject *Your request Subject for which you are going to raise the ticket.

If your ticket concerns a Game Server please give your in-game username.

Please select the category you issue fits in.

Select Server
If submitting a ticket for the Kinetic Network, please select the modpack/server your ticket concerns.

Description *Please make this section as detailed as possible. If issuing a refund please in detail give the reason why you’re not happy with your purchase.

If you need to add an image or log with your ticket, you can do so here.

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