Here at Dapper Fox Stuiods, we have our hands in a number of pies, so to speak. Here is a list of what we're doing.

  • We have had 100s of happy customers over the past few years and we pride our selves on delivering some of the highest quality sites out there.

  • With a shiny new website, you are also going to need branding to match. With all our sites we also offer a branding set.

  • We managed a number of online community’s and public servers. Offing a way for gamers to connect with each other.

  • We're moving more into the gaming space by working on our own games. We currently have a few projects in the works.

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Our Team

Dapper Fox Stuiods has a number of brilliant people helping out, but we can't list everyone. Here are the key people on our team.

  • Chris (Tea)

    CEO and Director of The Game Servers and Development

  • Nick

    CEO and Director of Graphic and Web Design

  • Kate

    Head of Accounts

  • George

    Part Time Support

  • Tony Jackson

    This is the 3rd time I've had a site made at Dapper Fox, and with every site, I have been very impressed with their professionalism speed and price. If I ever need another site, I will head straight for these guys.

  • Emma Lang

    I know nothing about websites or technology, but I wanted a simple site to post my artwork online. They showed me step by step how my website was built and I felt like I had full creative control with it. I have also been very happy with the continued support service and is a huge help for someone like me.

  • Chris

    Fast, quick and affordable. Nothing to knock!

  • Cherry Whittington

    Very impressed. I had a few issues with my site after the guys here were done with it. They were very quick to respond and fix the issues for me.

  • Roisin Wardle

    Love my site. Looks brilliant!

  • Lilly-Grace Clay

    Website looks good and runs smooth.

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